What is Authentick?

AuthenticK is an unique anti-counterfeiting and product management solutions that uses RFID technology, which enables brand owners, businesses and organisations to provide consumers and general public with a tool to inspect the origins and authenticity of products anytime and anywhere.

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AuthenticK – Authentication and Brand Protection Solutions

AuthenticK is a Secured Cloud Authentication Platform for the protection of genuine products in all industries.

AuthenticK Mobile App uses RFID to check the authenticity of products anytime, anywhere, fast and reliable.


AuthenticK – Traceability and Serialization Solutions

AuthenticK Traceability and Serialization module provides the ability to track and trace any product or item throughout all stages of the entire supply chain such as production, processing and distribution (including importation and at retail).


AuthenticK – Consumer Engagement and Product Management Solutions

AuthenticK Consumer Engagement and Product Management Solutions module is a management tool to collect, manage and analysed data for businesses to optimised their business operations and profitability. Businesses can use this to engage, communicate and create customer loyalty with this module.